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Active Africa specialises in luxury small group and private active travel adventures. We show you Africa our way; from the ground and with dirt on our shoes. We share exquisite meals and sleep in premium locations. And we facilitate life-changing encounters and unforgettable experiences.

We offer active travel adventures to Africa's travel icons, but what sets us apart is the way we explore them. You can choose to stay on the trodden tourist route or trust us to lead you to lesser-travelled locales. Our signature trips take place mostly by bicycle or on foot and even where we drive or use small coaches, we're sure to include a walk, a kayak or anything that raises the heart rate a little.

No matter where we are, we won't spare the luxury. We make use of the best hotels in each place we travel. But that does not restrict where we travel. We create nomadic sanctuaries in places where there is no infrastructure and we augment existing services where where they are basic or lacking.

Our private, tailored trips are curated for discerning travellers who prefer to travel to unusual places or in unusual ways. While our scheduled group trips provide an opportunity join an active travel adventure to experience Africa with like-minded travellers.


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