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Africa is a vast continent with a wide variety of trekking options available. These range from long-distance walking safaris across the savannah, to multi-day treks up Mt Kilimanjaro. They include wilderness treks in the mountains of the Cape and primate tracking on the slopes of volcanoes.

We offer treks of different grades, to accommodate both the intrepid traveller and the more experienced trekker. Our founder, Chris Goodwin, has many years of experience trekking in Africa, South America, Europe and Asia. And he loves nothing more than to spend days on the trail or on the side of a mountain.

Our trekking itineraries represent some of our favourite and most popular programs, however we relish the chance to create new programs. Our resources across the continent allow us to curate bespoke treks on request, a task that is popular with guides and trip designers alike.


What can you expect from an Active Africa trek?

All of our treks are hosted by an Active Africa trek leader, in addition to local guides. On high altitude treks, the trek leader monitors the acclimation progress of trekkers and adjusts the program accordingly.

We provide porter services where required and include all costs, including gratuities, in the trip price. This ensures that the team is appropriately compensated, while travellers need not be concerned with additional gratuities.


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