Discovery Trips

The dictionary definitions for “discover” include:

  • Find unexpectedly
  • Become aware of
  • Show interest in
  • Realise or learn

We try to ensure that our discoveries encompass all of these meanings.

While our trips are meticulously curated, we like to leave a little gap each day for something unexpected to happen. On every trip, we include experiences or introduce you to individuals who teach you something new. We work hard to tailor your experience to your interests and preferences and strive to expose you to something new every day.

So it is not by accident that most of our trips are discoveries. However, while we specialise in active travel, we are cognizant of the fact that not all of our travellers are walkers, cyclists or mountaineers. But that does not mean we have to offer a regular safari or food and wine trip.

So if you’re looking for that life-changing experience, or want to avoid the ‘tourists’, our Discover itineraries offer you this and more.



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