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Cycling tours have gathered momentum and popularity in recent years. Made popular in the vineyards of Provence or Tuscany, bicycle tourism is now a prominent activity in most destinations.

Active Africa operates cycling tours in South Africa and we include cycling activities in many of our safari and discovery programs elsewhere. South Africa’s well-paved roads make road cycling easy and convenient. This is evident in the popularity of races such as the annual Cape Town Cycle Tour. Similarly, extensive networks of farm roads and gnarly single-track feature tours like the Cape Epic on competitive MTB circuits.

While the Cape has some of the best scenery to enjoy from the road, elsewhere in the country there are similarly breath-taking rides. We have worked hard to select the best routes and back roads to showcase the spectacular variety the country offers.

But South Africa is not the only country suitable for cycle touring. We include cycling in safari programs in Botswana and we explore villages on bicycles in Tanzania. In Rwanda, where the bicycle is a popular means of transport, many of our programs include at least one day of riding. This could include local village rides or it could include one or more days on the Congo Nile Trail.

For travellers who prefer slow travel, the bike is by far the transport of choice. Even if you prefer not to do a dedicated cycle tour, speak to us about including a bike ride in your itinerary. It will change your travel experience.

We offer a range of top brand road and mountain bikes for casual riders and day trips, and we provide elite bikes for more experienced cyclists or those preferring a more upscale ride. Our guides are all competent cyclists and our dedicated cycling guide is both a competitive cyclist and an excellent mechanic.

All multi-day cycling programs are accompanied by a support van and you have the choice of having a cycling guide on the road with you or supporting from the vehicle.

The all-important roadside refueling stops are part of every trip and our guides work hard at making these as exciting and photogenic as possible.

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