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Kwandwe Conservation activities


Each participant is allocated a specific role in this important activity. Once the rhino has been identified and darted, your team moves in the secure the animal before the tranquiliser takes effect. Once the animal is down, you will move quickly to accomplish the tasks you have been given. This may include ear notching, DNA collection, microchipping or securing a telemetry device. Measurements are taken and notable characteristics are recorded.

Restricted to a maximum of 8 guests of 16+ years

An additional fee applies

Rhino tracking on a game walk


Join one of the Kwandwe Eco-rangers on a rhino monitoring game drive. You will assist in finding specific black or white rhinos using ear notches and other physical characteristics that are used to identify individuals in the field. Your eco-ranger will share in-depth knowledge of the species and the individual animal/s that you are observing. This is a private activity that is yours to enjoy at leisure. No rush to the next sighting. No stopping to photograph yet another impala. This is a unique opportunity to find out more about the race to bring these species back from the brink of extinction.

Open to all ages

An additional fee applies

Big game walking - Kwandwe


Big game walking safaris, private game drives, birding and photographic safaris are all available at Kwandwe. We recommend this for families and groups of friends who prefer to dictate the pace of their safari while they build a relationship with their guide.

Big game walking safaris available for guests 14+ years

An additional fee applies

Fishing safari at Kwandwe


Kwandwe offers a variety of fishing options. Fly fishing with artificial lures, targets large mouth bass in the reserve dam, while yellowfish, carp and catfish can be caught with various bait in the dam or in the Great Fish River.

This is best booked as a fully private experience.

An additional fee applies

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