Wild Running Holiday

We are proudly associated with Wildrun Africa, South Africa’s premier trail run events organiser. The annual Wildcoast Wildrun is a multi-stage trail running holiday, covering 113km (68 miles) over 3 days. The route is so popular that it attracts many repeat runners each year. Currently around 45 runners have completed the Wildcoast Wildrun 3 times, while 10 runners have completed 5 or more runs and earned a permanent race number.

Even though it is timed, most runners view the Wildcoast Wildrun as a running holiday. It’s an opportunity to explore the untamed coast and grassy headlands of one of the country’s most beautiful regions. It offers the chance to meet like-minded adventurers and interact with local farmers and herders. This is Nelson Mandela’s birthplace. It is the land of the amaXhosa, who will share your joy in accomplishing each day’s run. And it’s the land of the Nguni cattle who dot the beaches and headlands along the way.

Runners spend each night in a different coastal holiday resort, where they indulge in warm local hospitality before tackling the next day’s trail.

If you are a runner and are planning a trip to South Africa, be sure to add this to your itinerary!

Does this appeal to you, but you prefer a more intimate experience? Contact us to arrange a private departure

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4 nights
R 17 550 per person
Max 80 runners
10 Sep


pristine beaches and headland trails
local farmers and herders
new, like-minded friends
life-changing moments


Please contact us for a detailed itinerary!
  • What is included

    Your race entry fee includes

    Race accommodation for 4 nights, on a shared basis

    All meals, starting with dinner on arrival day, finishing with breakfast on departure day

    3 litres of bottled water per runner per day

    Transport of personal items between hotels

    All logistical support by experienced crew in 4×4 vehicles

    One aid station check-point (ACP) per day will offer a variety of refreshments and water.

    Medical support will be provided at each hotel and on the course

    Massage therapy is also offered (optional extra)

  • Transfers to / from the race

    Transfers to/from the nearest commercial airports are available and can be purchased with your race entry

  • You will require

    Personal medication

    Personal running gear such as a hydration bag

    A dry bag is recommended to keep your belongings dry during river crossings

    You will be running into the sun all day so hats and sunscreen are highly recommended, with a rain jacket packed just in case.

    Cash for drinks which are not included

    A medical form, signed by your doctor will be required by the organisers

    You need medical evacuation insurance


  • Important information

    There are rivers to cross each day. These could be as low as an ankle-deep wade or they could require a brief swim, depending on the time of day you reach each river.

    This is a solo run. Groups of runner will undoubtedly join up on the route, but you will not be required to run in teams.

    Average temperatures on the Wild Coast during the day range from 15-25ºC. A range of  weather can be expected. The ‘beasterly-easterly’ is
    a well-known feature and is a ferocious headwind.

    No GPS is required or necessary. The course is not marked and navigation is as simple as keeping the sea on your right.


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