Gorillas in the Forest – a Congo Adventure

Move over Dian Fossey – we’re off to find gorillas in the forest.

The Republic of the Congo is one of the hottest and most exciting destinations in Africa right now. This is the next bucket list item for intrepid African travellers who have “been there and done that”. This trip has everything that most travellers to Africa have not experienced. By that we mean forest elephants, forest buffalo, bongos and lowland gorillas, among many other birds, animals and communities.

And it’s likely that you will see birds and insects that you never imagined existed. This adventure takes place in the Odzala National Park, which is, incidentally, one of Africa’s oldest parks. The park is located in the Congo basin which is, significantly, the second largest rain forest after the Amazon, accounting for around 18% of the world’s remaining rain forest.

Conservation genies from the African Parks Network monitor large game within its borders. Furthermore, by providing medical care and encouraging alternative livelihoods to poaching and burning, they secure the support of local communities. Meanwhile, a long-standing research team under Dr Magda Bermejo monitors the habituation and health of lowland gorillas. Employing trackers from the community ensures not only access to inherent knowledge, but custodianship of the forest and its wildlife.

This trip offers the opportunity to explore a remote, secret world in comfort and safety. Here more than anywhere, you are a participant, rather than an observer.

Add this to your bucket list. There is no better time than now.


7 or 10 nights
Max 8 people


the vast canopy of green from the air
Be amazed
by the variety and complexity of life in the forest
to the deafening jungle chorus
as forest buffalo or elephant tentatively emerge from the shadows
Be inspired
by the dedication of researchers and park personnel


Please contact us for a detailed itinerary!

    Ngaga Camp is the base for gorilla tracking, while Lango Camp offers bai and forest walks. Mboko Camp is located closest to the airstrip, on the Likeni River and offers boating, kayaking and forest walks.

    Click here for more information about the three camps.


    Brazzaville is a modern, sexy African city which boasts a colourful collection of activities to explore.

    Browse the markets for quintessential Congolese fabrics or enjoy an elightening historical city walking tour.

    Enjoy lunch overlooking the river, opposite Brazzaville’s twin city, Kinshasa.

    Or spend a surreal evening with the sapeurs, a fashion and lifestyle club that blends trendsetting with sexuality.

    We found Brazzaville to be a delightful surprise and a must-do on any trip to the country.




    Trip fees vary according to the number of people travelling

    Please contact us for an accurate quotation.

    • Return flight between Maya-Maya Airport (Brazzaville) and Mboko airstrip (Odzala-Kokoua National Park) on Mondays/Thursdays.
    • Accommodation for 7 or 10 nights at Odzala Discovery Camps
    • Two (7 nights) or three (10 nights) Odzala Observer gorilla tracking permits
    • Guided activities: boating, kayaking, forest & baï walks, wading.
    • Meals, house wines, beers, spirits, water and soft drinks (excludes connoisseur wine, champagne and imported spirits).
    • Airport meet and greet in Brazzaville and full airport assistance on arrival. Brazzaville city tour, including lunch.
    • Congo letter of invitation fee, all 3rd party fees including Medical Evacuation, Community Fees and Park fees.
    • Laundry and internet access (limited Wi-Fi available in camps).
    • Brazzaville accommodation, meals & activities pre- or post as required.
    • Connoisseur wine, champagne and imported spirits
    • Gratuities and all items of a personal nature

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