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Helicopter tours over the delta

Botswana offers uninterrupted safari, whether lodge-based or mobile. But now there is an additional experience to enhance your experiences of the Okavango Delta.

Why not substitute your fixed wing flight to, from or between camps with a helicopter transfer? Or ask us to arrange a doors-off scenic flight from your camp. How else would you have unrestricted views and sterling photographic opportunities.

On every flight, each guest has a headset to allow communication with the pilot. Every flight includes a guided experience by knowledgeable pilots.

Every flight or transfer is private and direct, which means there is no contact with travellers outside of your group. In addition, if you are using multiple camps, we are able to request a single pilot throughout the itinerary.


Botswana’s highest point comprises a rocky outcrop that rises out of the Kalahari Desert. This UNESCO World Heritage Site dates back approximately 25 000 years and boasts more than 4 500 San rock paintings. These sacred hills offer clues to the early human settlements that populated the area and are still regarded as sacred to modern San. The only way to avoid an impossibly long and ultimately 4×4 drive to the hills is to fly there. A somewhat demanding hike is rewarded with beautifully-preserved paintings holding a wealth of human history. A San guide is on hand to explain the significance and folklore behind the paintings.  


This helicopter tour flies through the permanent waterways and lagoons of the Okavango Delta to a village on the panhandle. Here, the elders of Eretsa Village work with the EcoExist Project to mitigate a problem experienced by villagers in wildlife areas. Elephant-human conflict comes with the daily challenges of protecting crops from raiding elephant herds. Together with EcoExist, innovative, non-fatal deterrents are being used to keep elephants away from fields. Travellers are able to personally witness these projects in action, while gaining insight and understanding into the very real conservation problems that face many African communities.


Taking a helicopter tour makes some of the most remote villages in the Okavango Delta accessible to travellers looking for a cultural experience to complement the incredible safari experiences. Many of these villages remain relatively uninfluenced by the modernisation of urban Botswana. The tour offers the opportunity to enjoy the legendary Okavango landscapes and wildlife from the air. In addition, cultural insights into the architecture, religious beliefs, hunting and fishing, celebration and dancing enrich the experience.  

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