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Explorers Camp


The cosy Explorers Camp overlooks a busy waterhole with the spectacular Waterberg massif as a backdrop. Afternoons and evenings are alive with activity as the local elephant bulls congregate for a ‘pint’ in front of the camp. Large trees offer respite from the hot sun and hammocks, cushions and couches provide many comfortable areas from which to watch the spectacle.

There is a comfortable lounge and indoor dining area, an outdoor fire pit and abundant outdoor dining. There are five comfortable canvas tents and one family tent, each with en-suite bathroom and a comfortable deck.


Explorers Camp



  • Open year-round
  • 2 vehicles and 2 guides for the camp which can be booked on a semi-exclusive basis
  • 6 tents
  • Maximum 12 adults + 6 children
  • Camp is fenced
  • Wifi in camp / Cellular reception is patchy
  • Electricity: camp is on the grid
  • Aircon / indoor shower
  • There is no gym (but there is plenty of opportunity to exercise!)
  • No spa facilities (there’s no time anyway – book an appointment at your next stop)
  • Private dining is available
  • Disabled access can be arranged


Explorers Camp - public area

Explorers Camp - family tent



All bookings at Marataba Conservation Camps have a private guide to offer total flexibility around conservation participation.

General and conservation activities are offered on a ‘mix and match’ basis, allowing guests to combine a selection of activities for a fully
tailor-made itinerary according to specific interests and desires.

Each activity is allocated a fitness level to assist with your decision to participate:

Level 1: no fitness required; suitable for all guests
Level 2: easy walking; suitable for all guests
Level 3: further walking on non-technical landscape with limited physical strain
Level 4: a degree of fitness and agility required; limited technical landscapes
Level 5: good fitness, agility and endurance required; includes technical landscapes.


  • Game drives and boat excursions – Level 1
  • Walks and multi-day hikes – Levels 1-5
  • Rhino Conservation – Level 2 (surcharge applies)
  • Predator tracking (telemetry) – Level 2 (min age 14 years)
  • Elephant Conservation – Levels 1 & 2
  • Camera trap set up – Levels 1-4, location-dependent (min age 14 years, location dependent)
  • Species mapping – Level 1
  • Snare Patrol – Level 2
  • Community garden visits – Level 1



Wild walking


  • An extremely cost-effective option for those preferring to spend their resources on activities
  • The camp of choice if you would normally prefer a more adventurous safari camp
  • Best option if a you want to see elephants close up!
  • Perfect for bush lovers



Rhino Conservation Week



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