In spite of the country’s economic woes, the natural splendour, abundant wildlife and warm hospitality of its people, make Zimbabwe a compelling destination

In parts of Zimbabwe, tourism has survived despite prolonged political turmoil. National Parks along the Zambezi River remain popular amongst foreign visitors. Similarly, Hwange National Park is once again a popular safari destination. The strength of the falls as an African icon is central to keeping Zimbabwe’s tourism alive. Similarly, the proud national park history survives in the private camps that deliver strong wildlife experiences in the Mana Pools and Hwange National Parks.

A personal connection to Zimbabwe and an empathy for its resilient people keeps Active Africa returning to the country.  We offer safaris to private lodges and camps where owners and operators work tirelessly to protect the remaining wildlife.  We lead walking tours of Victoria Falls and utilise our intimate connection with the area to facilitate enlightening cultural exchanges.

With a proud history of walking and wilderness safari experiences, Zimbabwe remains one of the most accessible authentic safari destinations.



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