Discover ZAMBIA

Whether you are a first-time visitor to Africa or a safari aficionado, Zambia offers a premium wilderness experience without the fuss.

As an active travel company, Zambia has our attention: it is the undisputed home of walking safaris. Multi-generational walking safaris families have established themselves as walking specialists offering some of the best guiding in Africa. The Luangwas, Lower Zambezi and Kafue National Parks boast a variety of owner-managed camps offering active safaris. Walking, canoeing, boating and fishing are all regular features on a Zambia safari.

Not quite Southern Africa and yet not quite East Africa, Zambia’s central location presents a unique blend of the two regions. This landlocked country sits on a plateau between 1000 and 1500m above sea level, surrounded by eight neighbouring countries. Zambia’s more than 70 ethnic groups reflect this unique political position. Furthermore, the genuinely convivial nature of Zambians has earned the moniker ‘the warm heart of Africa’.

The highlands and plateaus drain into the Congo Basin in the north and the Zambezi basin to the south. Consequently, the north of the country is subtropical with distinct wet and dry seasons. To the south and along the Zambezi Valley, semi-arid patches belie the sometimes-heavy rainfalls.

Large internal rivers also contribute to the many lakes and swamps north of the plateau. Zambia’s geography contributes to its rich biodiversity. Within 14 ecosystems, there are around 12500 species, with a high diversity of flowering plants. Significantly, among its animal, bird and fish species, many are endemic. This makes Zambia one of our destination of choice for travellers who are looking for an authentic, special-interest safari.


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