Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island, with 90% of its plant and animal species found nowhere else.

Despite deteriorating infrastructure, Madagascar remains a popular ecotourism and adventure destination for intrepid travellers. The country boasts beautiful beaches, island archipelagos and magnificent natural diversity. The large proportion of endemic plant and animal species makes the island one of the most sought after ecotourism destinations.  These qualities make it a compelling choice for travellers who have already seen the rest of Africa.

However, Madagascar tops the bucket list of seasoned travellers as a result of rapidly declining wildlife populations and habitat loss.

A lack of good quality hotels outside of the larger towns means tourism is confined close to main centres. Coupled with this, crumbling road infrastructure and expensive, unreliable local airlines provide additional challenges to travel within Madagascar.

However, making use of private air travel both into and within Madagascar changes the experience altogether. It offers adventurers with a generous budget endless opportunities to run, hike, paddle, climb, dive and fly to inaccessible corners of the country. Add to that, the chance to track some of the world’s most endangered wildlife, Madagascar becomes the ultimate destination for exclusive adventuring.

We only offer trips to locations in Madagascar that we have personally visited. It is important that we are confident in the quality and safety of the experience. Our trip range will increase as we explore further. in the meantime, our luxury Madagascar Expedition is the ultimate rock star trip for intrepid travellers with a large budget.


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