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Frequently Asked day tour Questions

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How do I know what routes are available?

The most common routes are listed under the different hikes, but these are by no means the only routes we offer. If you are looking for something different / more challenging / specific, please drop us an email and we’ll discuss alternative options with you.

Do you provide water on hikes?

Yes. Each guest receives their own BPA-free plastic water bottle and the guide carries additional water to refill the bottles.

Do you provide other refreshments on hikes?

Yes. Our guides prepare an abundant mountain tea on every hike. This includes freshly-brewed coffee, tea or hot chocolate; soup in winter; fresh fruit, pastries or muffins, cheese, biscuits, dips and spreads. They also carry deluxe trail snacks and sweets for the hike.

What if my clients don’t want to walk up Table Mountain?

We walk anywhere on the peninsula and in the winelands. We’ll offer you loads of alternative hikes

I have strong hikers. Do you offer longer hikes?

We offer full day and overnight hikes. We even operate multi-day hikes both on the peninsula and in more remote areas outside Cape Town.

If the hike takes 3-4 hours, can you entertain my clients for the rest of the day?

Yes. Our guides are contracted for a full day or part thereof. So even if you have booked a half day hike, the guide is available for the rest of the day to assist your guests.

Do you offer transfers?

Yes. All of our hikes and day tours include return transfers. We also include pick up and drop off for linear hikes.

Are cableway tickets included?

We give you the option to include either a one-way down ticket or a return ticket if you feel your guests may not be up for a a steep climb on the day. These are charged net and non-commissionable.

Do you include national park entrance fees?

Yes. We include these for all hikes occurring in the western side of Silvermine Nature Reserve and the Cape of Good Hope Reserve. They are charged net and non-commissionable.

Must my guests bring their own gear?

We request that all hikers wear good walking shoes or trainers and ideally should have their own windproof or wet weather gear and day pack. However, we provide a selection of rain jackets and day packs for guests to use if they do not have their own. We also provide telescoping walking poles, gloves and hip packs for use.

For information on our COVID-19 safety protocols, please see our downloadable infographic here:

COVID-19 safety protocols

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