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While we wait patiently to welcome you to Africa, here is some COVID19 information to look through

As the coronavirus and COVID19 continue to spread, we are sensitive to the threat to travel plans for both our existing travellers and new travellers looking to join us on one of our experiences. There is little we can do about the impact of the virus; however we can assist by reducing the financial risk faced by change of travel plans due to COVID19 related issues.

Many destinations in Africa have closed their borders and enforced countrywide lock downs in an attempt to limit the spread of the virus.

In our home country of South Africa, the response from authorities has been swift and pro-active, and we remain confident that travel could resume in early 2021.

If you are considering visiting South Africa, please take a look at the following information:

  • We have amended our terms to make it easier to travel following the COVID19 outbreak. Please find the document here
  • We are currently modifying our operations protocols to ensure that vehicles and gear are rigorously cleaned between trips. These protocols will be available shortly.
  • We are working on health and safety protocols for our guides to follow on trip. These have been drafted and are bring fine tuned in collaboration with the guides and other industry professionals. We will make these available on this page once they have been completed.


Please follow these links for up to date information on border closures and lock downs in the countries which have released official statements:


South Africa                              Kenya

Rwanda                                      Republic of the Congo

Namibia                                     Morocco

Zambia                                       Madagascar

Tanzania                                    Egypt



Do you still have unanswered questions? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.


We look forward to welcoming you to Africa in the very near future!


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