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African Destinations

Get to know and experience Africa the way we do

Traditional African travel destinations are synonymous with safari and wildlife. As a result, visitors to the continent are typically familiar with only a handful of countries.  However, there is an abundance to see, do and experience in addition to traditional safari. Over the past decade, Africa has been demystified by social media. The result is that African countries are more popular as a travel destinations amongst new travellers. Similarly, repeat visitors now look to visit less-travelled African destinations, primarily those that are unfamiliar and more importantly, sustainable.

Having spent the past 20 years leading active trips in Africa, we have become familiar with many of the popular Africa travel destinations. More recently, we have explored some of the more intriguing countries.  This has renewed our passion for our home continent and our excitement to share it with the world.

As natives of the continent, we will confidently lead tours to most traveller-friendly countries. However, if you want to go there and we haven’t been there yet, or we can’t send you with someone who has, we will research the area, design a trip and lead it for you.

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