Our Story

Out of a desire to shift away from a corporate routine, Chris and Jacqui Goodwin established Active Africa in 2001. The switch combined our passion for outdoor pursuits with an appetite for travel, particularly in Africa.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Active Africa initially operated a variety of walking, trekking and adventure programs within Southern Africa. By 2006, we had focused our efforts on guiding and tour leading for some of the world’s best tour operators. We soon found ourselves leading trips to the far corners of the continent. Before long, the other side of the world became another corner of the office.

Active Africa operates in many of the areas we know well. We infuse our passion and experience into all of our programs, whether they are private, custom trips or small groups. We’re supported by a superb team of dedicated trip curators, operations genies and super-guides.

We all know that the quality of a trip is determined by both the itinerary design and the guide; and our team works hard to ensure we offer you the best combination possible.


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