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Active Africa specialises in small group and private touring and, as the name suggests, we will always offer the active travel option. We like to think of it as accessible adventure travel.

We specialise in small group active travel, offering both iconic sites and off-track trips by bicycle and on foot. Where we travel by vehicle, we try to include a walk, a kayak or anything that raises the heart rate. Active Africa originated in the mountains of the Cape, in the deep south of the African continent. So it is fitting that much of our touring takes place in mountainous environments. This can mean an easy bike ride in the foothills or a weeks-long trek at altitude.

With 30 years of active Africa travel in our boots, we have developed our itineraries to showcase countries that are most popular amongst travellers to Africa. We take you to iconic locations, but we avoid the crowds. We offer you “Instagram firsts” as well as familiar backdrops. And most important, we expose you to people and traditions different from your own. Not as a spectator, but as a participant.

Our popular itineraries are tried and tested trips that we are able to customise as needed. While we focus on active travel, we’ll adapt any trip to focus on food and wine, safari or cultural experiences. These are a good place to start looking for ideas if this is the first time you are considering a private trip with us.

We run a selection of trips on scheduled departures. This is a good option for solo travellers and those who prefer sharing the experience with a small group.

For our regular travellers and the more adventurous explorers, our Founders’ trips offer the opportunity to discover new and emerging destinations, exclusive access and life-changing experiences.




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